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Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Our cloud-based platform enables organizations
to discover powerful insights from their data,
delivered in an easy-to-understand visual format.


Everyone is looking for answers. We’re looking for questions.

Othot identifies the key strategic questions, called High Impact Questions™ (HIQs™) that matter most to your business. Rather than providing another data analysis tool, we start with the end question in mind, and build a predictive analytics solution around that specific question.


Data + Powerful Predictive Engines

Multiple data sources. One easy-to-use interface.

New data types require different techniques and tools than traditional methods. Our engines enable you to combine your existing data with our external data, in one location, and then examine likelihoods and explore the what-if options. You gain business intelligence to help you better allocate resources, optimize customer acquisition, grow revenue and maximize profits.

This proprietary approach produces predictive intelligence that offers a more comprehensive solution than other analytic programs.


internal data
public data
hard to find data
unstructured data
proprietary data

Othot Engines


Delivers overall likelihood to occur scores
in an actionable format

Delivers overall what-if analyses
to guide decision making

Gain real business value from customer data

Analyzing your internal data provides historical perspective about customers and their buying behaviors, but has limited predictive value. Othot’s platform is able to integrate multiple external data sources and process them so you can use the information to discover hidden insights that can give you a competitive advantage.

We augment customer data files with external data sources, including:

  • Personal data sources can be matched to individuals in customer databases to strengthen their profiles.  demographic, socio-economic, geographic and distance…
  • Environmental data helps us understand how an individual’s surroundings or environment may influence decision making.   weather data, competitor data …
  • Behavioral data sources reveal discussion topics or actions that may indicate a customer’s purchase intentions.  social media…



Our cloud-based platform

Easy integration. Understandable information.

  • Safely access predictive software tools on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Easily interact with and understand data visualizations
  • Integrate results into your current data systems and workflow or use as a stand-alone cloud system
  • Export and share your discoveries with your team
  • Eliminate the need for data scientists or consultants to interpret results

Find out more about our platform

Our innovative technologies can be utilized in any sector, so you can make better use of your resources and find answers to your most critical business questions.