About Ashton Seward

Ashton is a Data Scientist at Othot. She assists in building predictive models through writing scripts to deploy the various preprocessing and machine learning algorithms Othot’s data science team has implemented.

Data Tells A Story

"What’s the story?" This question, while seemingly simple, is such an important component of what we do at Othot. Here is why. Anytime we work with (customer) data we begin with a plan, mapping out everything that is required to accomplish the tasks we are [...]

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The Art of Data Science

Much of what I do at Othot is focused around algorithms and data. Implementing the appropriate machine learning algorithms is important in order to build models and generate predictions. At the same time, it is important to have sufficient data when building these models. Each [...]

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How “Accurate” is Accuracy?

A classification model works to identify to which of a group of categories a record belongs. Binary classification is a type of classification model, operating to identify which of two classes a record belongs to (frequently a yes/no classification). The model is built using historical [...]

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One Step Further

One thing I’ve learned from my past year in data science, is that it is an iterative process - identify high impact questions, preprocess data, build a model, interpret results, repeat. Each phase within this progression is crucial to reaching success, but let’s focus around [...]

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Practicing to Win

I ran track in college, specifically pole vault was my game – and the 4x4 relay when coach wanted to punish me for something. As you could assume, my training was very different than that of a thrower or distance runner, but we all shared [...]

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