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Move beyond traditional strategies

Use advanced analytics to better understand your
customer groups so you can take intelligent steps
to increase sales and optimize your resources

What’s the likelihood a prospective customer will buy a specific vehicle?

What actions will have the greatest impact on an individual’s likelihood to buy?

Gain insight on an individual level as to which vehicle attributes and marketing has the greatest impact, so you can focus your promotions on high value customers and maximize your marketing resources.


Target the right-fit customer

Calisto™ is a cloud-based solution that provides auto-dealerships with actionable intelligence to identify the prospects with the highest probability of purchasing a specific vehicle, brand or model. Calisto™ applies predictive analytics focusing on your key strategic question: What’s the likelihood that a prospective customer will buy a specific vehicle? And, what actions will have the greatest impact on an individual’s likelihood to buy?

Calisto™ complements your existing marketing programs by combining customer data with social media and other hard to find external data and applying advanced algorithms to create individual likelihood to buy scores for each prospect.

Our sophisticated analytics can also perform what-if analysis, allowing you to select the marketing techniques and project their impact. Discover actionable insight instantly, through our easy-to-understand data visualizations, so you can determine the most effective marketing measures and improve your bottom line.

Predicts the Likelihoods


Predicts which prospects are most likely to buy a specific vehicle and identify the most important factors influencing each individual’s purchase decision

Provides the What-Ifs


What-if scenarios project the impact of marketing campaigns, customer incentives, sales personnel, and other factors on a per segment and per prospect basis

Benefits of using Othot for the Automotive Industry

Complex data science is simplified into easily understandable likelihood scores that enable you to customize and prioritize your marketing efforts, connect with high value customers to the right vehicle at the right time, and maximize sales.

  • Optimize your advertising spend by understanding what matters to each customer and concentrating marketing on high-value customers
  • Assess the impact of marketing campaigns, sales staff, models and features
  • Access and run prescriptive what-if analysis in real-time on any device
  • Easily integrate results with existing CRM platforms
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Make meaningful connections

Our software reveals those especially valuable customers, so you can build effective marketing strategies to reach, engage and influence them.