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What’s the likelihood
that a person will make a buying decision?

Calisto™ is a cloud-based solution that provides you
with the actionable intelligence needed to attract and win
high quality prospects in your market.

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Connect with the right customer

What’s the likelihood that a person will make a buying decision?

Our advanced analytics can generate predictions and what-if analyses that present valuable information about your customer that you can use to guide your marketing strategy. You can continually process new data to improve prediction accuracy and provide better decision options.

Calisto™ provides the tools to focus on the prospects that have the highest likelihood to become buyers. You’ll gain insight at the individual level so you can optimize customer acquisition, grow your business, build relationships, and drive operational efficiency.

Benefits of Calisto™

  • Optimize marketing costs by identifying target segments to connect with and direct your marketing materials to the best prospects
  • Drive business strategies by learning what drives purchasing decisions and how to capitalize by collecting data earlier in the sales process
  • Improve decision making by understanding what can change the likelihood of a purchasing decision to better allocate your resources
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Consumer profiles narrow
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Predictive engines rank individual
prospects by likelihood to buy

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Focus your marketing resources
to connect with the right prospect

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Predict which customers are likely to buy

Find out how Calisto™ can help you understand your customer and improve your bottom line.