Rhodes College case study

A more comprehensive solution than standard analytic products

Institutions like Rhodes have their own particular nuances that require a tailored approach. Our machine learning models are customized for each institution, providing a more comprehensive solution. Both the staff and counselors will use the tool to gain insights throughout the student life-cycle.

    • Meeting enrollment targets with a more diverse student population while judiciously allocating fiscal resources
    • Finding a better predictive modeling product and working with a vendor who could fit their solution to Rhodes’ specific needs
    • Rhodes can better leverage financial aid, marketing, and counselor resources in every stage of the life cycle by knowing which individual students to target and what actions to take to increase that student’s likelihood to enroll.

Carey Thompson

Vice President Enrollment/Communications · Dean of Admission
We’re all looking for a better predictive model; we all want a more robust solution.
If we can use Othot to leverage financial aid, marketing and counselor resources, that’s a whole level of service that doesn’t exist with the products we’ve used before.