In some markets the decline in college-age students is already happening. In a few years, colleges will feel the impact of the birth dearth from the Great Recession. The college-age population in the United States will drop by 15 percent between 2025-2029 giving way to the enrollment cliff.

Not all colleges will be impacted the same, but all must prepare for the crash or otherwise prepare to shut their doors.

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What are the options?

In this seminar, we will explore enrollment and retention strategies for beating the odds and the cliff. We'll look at ways to use demographic data, your data, and advanced analytics to identify new markets and recruit transfer students.


Speakers & Panelists

Andy Hannah

Andy Hannah

Chairman &
Chief Partnership Officer

Chris Lucier

Chris Lucier

Director of
Partner Relations

Bob DiMaggio

Bob DiMaggio

Vice President
of Product



11:00am-12:15pm ET

Beat the Odds

Learn about the impact of the demographic cliff on college enrollments and the role of transfer students in your recruitment plan. Our speakers will offer practical advice and steps you can take to 'beat the odds.' 

Andy Hannah & Chris Lucier


12:15pm-12:45pm ET


Take a break from Zoom and enjoy lunch before our platform demo.


12:45pm-1:30pm ET

Othot Platform Demo and Discussion

Learn how the Othot platform can help you futureproof your institution. The interactive discussion will feature examples from our partner institutions and provide a peek at how advanced analytics help institutions make informed decisions by better understanding each individual student.

Andy Hannah, Chris Lucier & Bob DiMaggio


1:30pm-2:00pm ET



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An Interactive Virtual
Educational Experience


Our speakers will share how the demographic cliff will impact college enrollments and strategies that you can use to beat the odds.

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See how the Othot platform helps higher education institutions prioritize, strategize, and optimize their recruitment strategies, now and into the future.

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We invite you to view the platform demo, participate in discussions, uncover trends & more!

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