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Enroll More. Spend Less.

Othot’s software helps you increase enrollment
and get a bigger return on your marketing,
financial aid and recruiting resources

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What’s the likelihood that a prospective student will enroll?

Othot’s next generation predictive analytics platform is the first affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based solution that provides real-time answers to the question “Which prospects are most likely to enroll?” AND prescribes actions you can take to improve the odds.

Make it easy to target the best-fit students

How do you focus on 100,000 names in order to enroll 1,000?

From start to finish in the enrollment process, Othot’s Advanced Predictive Analytics platform shows you which specific students to focus on so you can maximize your recruiting and marketing resources; meet your enrollment targets with the best-fit students; shape your incoming class to meet institutional goals; and allocate financial aid dollars more efficiently and strategically.

Resources for You

Learn how advanced analytics can help you meet your enrollment goals.


Selecting the Right Advanced Analytics Solution for your School

A robust predictive analytics solution can significantly impact your ability to meet enrollment targets, but what you should be looking for?

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Discover how to solve
critical enrollment issues

Learn how higher education institutions are using advanced analytics to boost enrollment, shape their classes and allocate financial aid.

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What Makes Othot Different?

  • Superior data science = more accurate results. Othot is unique in its use of engineered data and advanced analytic engines. In a head-to-head comparison, Othot produced results 51x more accurate than a leading competitor.
  • We add critical external data to your historical data. Othot’s algorithms augment your historical data with external data sources (census, geographic, proprietary data) that make predictions far more informed.

  • We offer both Predictives AND Prescriptives. Othot’s dashboard lets you run What If? scenarios to see which actions will have the greatest impact on a student – so you’ll know which students to offer financial aid to and how much to offer; who to subsidize for visits; who to mail costly print pieces; etc.
  • The user-friendly dashboard gives you fresh insights on demand. Instead of a static report that can’t be updated when data is added or changed in your CRM/SIS, our customers get an easy-to-use interface that allows them to “turn the knobs and dials” themselves and get answers 24/7.

Othot Likely To Enroll Computer

The Power of Prescriptives

Only Othot lets you run real-time scenarios to see
which action has the greatest impact on the student enrolling.

Explore the What-Ifs

Higher Education Enrollment

STUDENT: Cory Lockett

If we get him to attend the spring program,
his chance of enrolling

increases to 69%

What if we give him a $5,000 or $10,000 merit offer?
It DOESN’T raise his score

so no need to offer any


How Othot Helps You Win

  • Meet or exceed your enrollment targets with the best-fit students who are most likely to stay and graduate.
  • Know who to target and where to focus your recruiting resources and budget to yield the best return.
  • Use your financial aid dollars more efficiently by knowing who to allocate which dollars to — and using our What If? tool to see what amount of money (if any) has the biggest impact on a student’s enrollment decision.
  • Get the tools you need to shape the incoming class to fit the characteristics you desire (e.g. by major, location, diversity, SAT score, retention grit, etc.).

Do you want to gain a competitive edge?

Othot’s advanced predictive analytics provides a unique set of tools that offer powerful advantages over alternative solutions.

Call us at 412-458-4167 and see why we’re different.

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