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Know Who’s at Risk Before Day One

Othot introduces an affordable
student success solution to help
increase retention and graduation rates

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What is the likelihood that a student will return for their sophomore year?

What is the likelihood that a student will graduate?

If you want to improve retention and graduation rates, Othot’s software is an affordable, easy-to-implement-and-use solution that enables you to support the right student at the right time, with the most impactful form of intervention.

Retention starts at enrollment

We believe that the best way to increase student success is to identify and alleviate problems before they start.

Our solution begins the day you enroll your next class: long before your freshmen arrive for the fall term, you’ll know which students are at risk and what steps you should take to increase their engagement or better prepare them to thrive at your institution.

Powerful data science tells you who’s at risk

To increase retention, you need to pinpoint which students are at risk – and a solution that gives inaccurate or weak predictions can be more of a liability than an asset.

Othot uses breakthrough machine learning (a.k.a. Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and automation to ultimately arrive at the most accurate results for your institution’s specific data set.

Know the right intervention for each student

Othot’s next generation data science offers both predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Predictive modeling lets you harness the power of big data to tell you What is the likelihood of this student to persist to their sophomore year? and What is the likelihood of this student to graduate? Prescriptive modeling shows you what action plan or interventions will be most likely to help the student persist, thrive, and graduate.



Dynamic predictions updated in real time

Othot gives customers a dashboard where they can see “Likely to Persist” scores updated dynamically, from the day they enroll through their freshman year and beyond


A view of each individual student

Othot’s dashboard lets you to drill down to see the details on each individual student and what’s influencing their likelihood to persist


Know how to change the outcome

Only Othot lets you “turn the knobs and dials” to run simulations and see which actions will have the greatest impact on an individual student’s success and likelihood to thrive at your institution

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