Accelerate performance through today’s powerful personalization techniques and advanced analytics tools.

Advanced Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

Over the last decade, many companies have been using advanced analytics to develop customer-centric strategies that have created a competitive advantage. Data and advanced analytics provides companies with insights that help them understand customer’s motivations and intent and have created powerhouses like Google and Amazon.

These performance benefits have a multiplier effect over time as the more mature organizations invest and get better at it. An organization’s analytics maturity correlates with performance.

Radical personalization across the student lifecycle

Data and technology help us understand each person’s desired outcome and how to maximize the probability of success.

Desired outcomes

Advanced Analytics for Higher Education

Colleges and universities are facing a number of challenges, from changing student demographics and mounting student debt to budget constraints and flattening net tuition revenues. Many are using advanced analytics and data to overcome these institutional challenges and, like industry, create a customer-centric approach.

Othot is a leading provider of advanced analytics for higher education. With our advanced analytics platform, you can transform your institutional data into actionable insights that will tangibly impact institutional performance across the student lifecycle.

Colleges and universities are using Othot’s Platform to analyze past student data to predict what current and prospective students might do and identify what specific strategies to employ to improve outcomes. By focusing on what they know about students, higher education institutions have improved key performance metrics and created customer-centric strategies to more precisely target and recruit students, strategically allocate financial aid, maximize student success and strengthen alumni connections.

Colleges and universities using Othot’s Advanced Analytics Platform are seeing measurable results with meaningful ROI.

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Tenets of Othot’s Advanced Analytics Platform


to Insight

Our platform delivers predictive and prescriptive analytics to users who are not experts in data science. You can quickly find what is influencing an individual student’s likelihood to enroll and/or thrive at your institution, and then use those insights to make decisions and take actions.


Usability + Workflow

You can easily integrate our platform into any of your workflows or systems.

Our product roadmap also includes many enhancements that will further automate workflows for users and external systems.


Customer Support

We advise, empower and support our customers so they can achieve results. During our comprehensive onboarding process, our Customer Support Team guides you at each step of the engagement.

+ The Onboarding Process
+ Define Key Value Drivers by Stage
+ Develop Playbook

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 Powerful Data Science

Powerful Data Science

Leverage your data to make decisions using custom models that are built using advanced analytics based on machine learning algorithms.

Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and Scalable

Our models conform to your institution and needs, no matter the size of the institution.

 Timely Predictions

Timely Predictions

Improve the odds of meeting or exceeding enrollment goals with real-time predictions that are updated for each phase in the enrollment lifecycle.


Optimize Resources

Know where to focus your resources by predicting the results of marketing campaigns, financial aid disbursement, events and more.


Integrate and Automate

Integrate results into your current data systems and workflow or use as a stand-alone cloud system.



Make informed decisions at any time with Othot’s easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

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