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Othot’s predictive and prescriptive analytics + Slate CRM data = Admissions Success!

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Othot’s Prescriptive Admissions solution helps Slate CRM users more strategically manage their enrollment cycles directly within the Slate interface. By combining Slate CRM data and Othot’s predictive and prescriptive analytics, higher education institutions can personalize their marketing and recruitment efforts to target individual students and to change outcomes, without leaving the Slate environment.

With Prescriptive Admissions, enrollment teams can focus their efforts on what matters, when it matters, to improve student yield.

Key Benefits of Prescriptive Admissions

Prescriptive Admissions is easy to set-up and onboarding can be completed in as little as 60 days, guided by the Othot support team, as needed. That means you can use Prescriptive Admissions to impact this year’s enrollment cycle!


Access Othot insights directly in the Slate CRM interface


Unlock the full potential of Slate CRM data, including Ping!

Key Benefits of Prescriptive Admissions


Understand how to convert students at different stages of the enrollment funnel with Othot’s prescriptions


Track and view your enrollment funnel in real-time

Improved Outcomes with Othot + Slate

Easy setup, easy integration, clear insights.


Using Othot’s predictive and prescriptive analytics, MassArt exceeded its enrollment goal and increased academic quality, with a 10% reduction in financial aid budget.

Rhodes College

The Othot platform showed Rhodes College that campus visits were a top indicator for yield, and they decided to incentivize visits for a group of students. The results — 30 additional students.


About Othot

Othot is a higher education software company that provides predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions for private and public colleges and universities across the country. The Othot support team focuses on each school’s specific enrollment and retention goals. Othot’s AI-powered and cloud-based software provides continuous intelligence in real time, enabling schools to engage each student with the right tactic at the right time.