What’s driving a predictive analytics tool?

Over the last few posts, I’ve talked broadly about predictive analytics and higher education. While there are many great insights gained by using predictive analytics, you need to consider the data science driving the solution. Is it based on linear regression or is it machine [...]

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Predictive Modeling for Enrollment

Last week on the Othot blog, I talked about why higher education institutions should use predictive analytics. This week I’ll discuss one area where predictive analytics can have a tremendous impact: enrollment management. A predictive analytics tool for enrollment should answer the following question, “What [...]

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Predictive Analytics and Higher Education

Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. In essence, predictive analytics makes predictions about the future, for example, enrollment targets. Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to increase revenues, [...]

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Getting a Bigger Return on List Buys

Over the past two decades, buying student names from the ACT, College Board, and other sources has become the standard for enrollment professionals under pressure to meet enrollment targets and find best-fit students. After all, competition for students is fierce and prospective students often apply [...]

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