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Predictive Analytics and Higher Education

Predictive analytics is the practice of extracting information from existing data sets in order to determine patterns and predict future outcomes and trends. In essence, predictive analytics makes predictions about the future, for example, enrollment targets. Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to increase revenues, [...]

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It Had to Be Done: Predictive Analytics for Everyday People

It’s clear what we (Othot) do.  What we do is provide actionable solutions to HIQs™ (high impact questions) using predictive and prescriptive analytics in a format that is consumable to non-data scientists (i.e., cloud based solutions that “regular” people can use to make decisions—and even [...]

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Best-Laid Plans

There is a saying, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. The saying comes from a poem by Scottish poet Robert Burns. The saying means that no matter how hard you plan, things still don’t work out. I think of this saying [...]

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One Step Further

One thing I’ve learned from my past year in data science, is that it is an iterative process - identify high impact questions, preprocess data, build a model, interpret results, repeat. Each phase within this progression is crucial to reaching success, but let’s focus around [...]

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