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Data Before Analytics

As the Data Curator at OThot, I am responsible for the management and acquisition of data. Our data comes from a diverse array of sources – clients, public databases, and OThot-generated and refined information. Data, in this day and age, has become a commodity and [...]

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Warren Buffett, Cigar Butts and the Why the Potential Growth and Value of Big Data are Enormous

Warren Buffett is perhaps the most successful value investor history has ever known, period, full stop (and if you struck “perhaps” and “value” from this sentence, it still would be absolutely true).  And whether you like Mr. Buffett, love him, or not…he is worth listening [...]

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Big Data, Ad Infinitum

History continues to teach us that regardless of the advances we make with science, technology and society new buzzwords, trendy technologies and “hip” ideas are continuously emerging. However, predicting the “next big thing” is no easy task.   It seems obvious now but 20 years ago [...]

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