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What’s the likelihood
that your business will retain a customer?

Titan™ is a cloud-based solution that provides your business
with the actionable intelligence needed to engage, grow & retain your customers


Uncover signs of future customer behavior

What’s the likelihood that you will retain a customer?

Our advanced analytics can generate predictions and what-if analyses that present valuable customer information, allowing you to focus strategies on preventing your customer from seeking other options. You can continually process new data to improve prediction accuracy and understand the behaviors relating to customer churn.

Titan™ provides the tools to focus on why a customer chose your business and the data points that were key to that decision. You’ll gain insight at the individual customer level, so you can employ strategies to keep the customer.

Benefits of Titan™

  • Optimize marketing campaigns by leveraging data in a way that allows you to connect with the customer for the best chance of retention
  • Drive business strategies that target the reasons why a customer would choose to leave, preventing unnecessary churn
  • Improve decision making by understanding what changes in your business will create churn
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Independent Schools

Predict which customers are likely to stick around

Find out how Titan™ can help you keep customers and grow your business.