Partner Experience 2020

Join Othot’s Virtual Partner Experience 2020

Every year, we look forward to joining together as a community, sharing ideas, and educating each other. While our virtual partner experience will be delivered differently in 2020, our focus remains the same.

Over the two days, we will share invaluable insights from partner institutions, Othot team members, and thought leaders. The schedule has some flexibility and breaks so you won’t be sitting at your desk for two 8-hour days in a Zoom fog. Our sessions are 45-minutes and there will be plenty of pauses so you can balance your daily work and the virtual partner experience. Whether you can attend the entire event or only a few sessions, we are excited for you to join us.

Current and future partners are welcome to attend Othot’s Virtual Partner Experience.

What to Expect at the Virtual Partner Experience

Hear from Our Partner Institutions

Hear from Our Partner Institutions

Partners teaching partners is the goal of these sessions. Our partner institutions will share best practices and how they use the Othot Platform to achieve enrollment and student success goals.

Hear from Othot

Hear from Othot

Members of the Othot team will provide updates on new product offerings and new features and functionality in the Platform. We will also present research and the approaches we are taking to adapt our solution for an ever-changing environment.

Hear from Thought Leaders

Hear from Thought Leaders

Our slate of thought leaders from higher education, data analytics, and other fields, will talk about some of today’s most pressing issues. These sessions will offer some new ideas and ways of thinking that we hope will inspire your day-to-day.

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Meet the Keynote Speakers

Dr. Nathan D. Grawe

Dr. Nathan D. Grawe

Professor of Economics
at Carleton College

The Agile College:
Navigating Demographic Change

Wednesday, August 12 · 3:30pm-4:30pm EDT

Learn more about Nathan
Donald S. Burke, MD

Donald S. Burke, MD

Distinguished University Professor of Health Science and Policy, and of Epidemiology

Jonas Salk Chair in Population Health

Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Public Health

Forecasting the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday, August 13 · 2:00pm-3:00pm

Learn more about Donald

DAY 1 : Wednesday, August 12

SESSION 1 · 11:00am - 11:45am

From the CEO’s Desk


  • Fred Weiss, President & CEO of Othot, Inc.

Tune in to hear from Fred Weiss, Othot’s CEO, gain for an update on Othot’s operations, the Othot Platform, and why data and analytics are even more critical in today’s environment.

SESSION 2 · 12:30pm - 1:15pm

Understanding Student Success from a New Perspective


  • Paula Stossel, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management & Co-Chair for the University-Wide Retention and Persistence, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Chris Kitas, Associate Director of Institutional Research Planning and Assessment, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


  • Traci Roble, Strategic Partnership Manager, Othot, Inc.

During this interactive session, you’ll hear how Indiana University of Pennsylvania used the Othot Platform to evolve their student success strategies and practices and used data science driven insights to best engage and retain their students.

SESSION 3 · 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Are You Pulling All of the Financial Aid Levers?


  • Joshua Farrell, Assistant Director of Analytics, Whitman College
  • Mike Perry, Interim Executive Director of Admission, Florida Institute of Technology


  • Chris Rose, Strategic Partnership Manager, Othot, Inc.
  • Jeff Morgan, Product Operations Manager, Othot, Inc.

Leaders from Whitman College and Florida Institute of Technology will discuss their unique challenges and approaches when developing their financial aid strategies, plus how they felt more confident making adaptations in light of the pandemic.

SESSION 4 · 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Nathan Grawe

The Agile College: Navigating Demographic Change

Presenter: Nathan Grawe

How can a college or university prepare for forecasted demographic disruptions? Nathan Grawe will explore this question in his session and offer some avenues that institutions can take to respond to the demographic challenges that lie ahead.

DAY 2 : Thursday, August 13

SESSION 5 · 11:00am - 12:00pm

Othot’s Research: Data Science and Modeling to Tackle Emerging Needs


  • Andy Hannah, Co-Founder & Chief Partnership Officer, Othot, Inc.
  • Patty Beeson, Provost Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh & Research Director, Othot, Inc.
  • Zach Varga, Senior Director of Partner Success, Othot, Inc.
  • Dr. Mark Voortman, Data Science Architect, Othot, Inc.

This is a two-part session:

  • Patty Beeson and Andy Hannah will provide a first look at the models Othot developed to help higher ed institutions understand how demographic changes will impact the supply of first-time students over the next decade and how to develop strategies to overcome anticipated declines in supply.
  • Dr. Mark Voortman and Zach Varga will talk about modeling test-optional admissions to achieve institutional goals for admissions, merit scholarship, academic profile indicators, and leading student success measures.

SESSION 6 · 12:30pm - 1:15pm

Improving Efficiency: Targeting and Incentivizing the Right Students


  • Rex Oliver, Associate Director for Recruitment, Texas Tech University
  • Sharla Adam, Director of Admissions, Angelo State University


  • Nathan Turner, Strategic Partnership Manager, Othot, Inc.

With large pools of prospective students at various points along the enrollment funnel, how can you ensure your team is using their resources in the most efficient way possible? During the panel discussion, you’ll hear how Texas Tech University and Angelo State University used data and advanced analytics to improve their marketing effectiveness and outreach to students.

SESSION 7 · 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Donald S. Burke

Forecasting the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenter: Donald S. Burke, MD

Hear from Donald S. Burke MD about how data and modeling are used to monitor and track infectious diseases and how demographic, behavioral, and mobility data can be used in public health modeling to identify changes in trends and support decision making.

SESSION 8 · 3:30pm - 4:15pm

The Way Forward: Othot’s Product Vision


  • John Abbatico, Chief Technology Officer, Othot, Inc.
  • Bob DiMaggio, Vice President of Product, Othot, Inc.

John Abbatico and Bob DiMaggio will share Othot’s product roadmap, review new features in the Othot Platform, and provide insight into what to expect in the next release.