Financial Aid Strategies Future

Designing a Financial Aid Award Strategy for the Future

Discover how Bucknell University and Columbia College Chicago used predictive and prescriptive analytics to build stronger financial aid award strategies.

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Mission-Driving Financial Aid Strategy

Creating a Mission-Driven Financial Aid Strategy

Learn more about the importance of keeping the mission in mind when it comes to Financial Aid — enroll the right class and use tuition guidance for individual students.

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demographic cliff

Futureproofing Your Institution Against the Demographic Cliff

Learn about our research assessing how first-time student enrollment will be impacted by the demographic cliff.

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not always financial aid

Surprise, It’s Not Always Financial Aid!

During this webinar, you'll hear how our partners have used financial aid and other strategies to increase yield at their institutions.

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Test optional admissions

The 5 Questions to Ask if Test-Optional is Best for Your Institution

During this webinar, we discuss the trade-offs with test-optional admissions and the role of data and analytics to support your decision.

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2020 enrollment trends

The 2020 Enrollment Trends You Need to Know About

During this webinar, we'll share 2020 enrollment trends we’ve found in our May data and compare it to 2019 trends, plus discuss ongoing risks around summer melt.

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webinar advanced analytics pandemic

What Next? Data and Advanced Analytics in the Time of Pandemic

Join this interactive discussion where we answer questions about the impact of COVID-19 on data collection, prediction accuracy, strategies, tactics, and more.

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reducing friction enrollment webinar

VP of Enrollment vs. Provost: Reducing Friction in Strategic Enrollment Management

During our interactive webinar, Patty Beeson and Chris Lucier will answer your questions and discuss how they reduced friction in their processes and relationships.

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retention webinar personalization featured

What AI Means for Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success

Learn how predictive and prescriptive analytics can inform strategies and tactics to bridge the gap from enrollment to retention and enrollment to initial academic success.

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provost webinar featuredimg

Tapping into the Mind of a Provost

Patty Beeson, former Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh explains how data and analytics were critical to her goal-setting process.

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upcoming webinar lucier

The Five Steps to Managing Enrollment Goals (and Getting Buy-In)

Chris Lucier shares his best practices for managing the enrollment goal setting process so you can attain buy-in from senior leadership.

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pitt enrollment webinar

How to Predict the Shape of Your Class with Advanced Analytics

Find out how the University of Pittsburgh uses our advanced analytics platform to predict enrollment at each phase.

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webinar texastech

Sharpen Your Recruitment Strategy with Advanced Analytics

Learn how Texas Tech University remains competitive by using data and advanced analytics to identify and recruit best-fit students.

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njit financial aid webinar

Use Advanced Analytics to Plan, Budget and Allocate Financial Aid

Discover how NJIT is using advanced analytics to help find the optimal interactions and aid offers for each individual student.

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Solve critical enrollment issues with advanced analytics

Solve Critical Enrollment Issues with Advanced Analytics

Learn how higher education institutions are using advanced analytics to boost enrollment, shape their classes and allocate financial aid.

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First Look: Sensitivity Analysis

First Look: Sensitivity Analysis

Othot's new tool can help you identify the best way to engage with and market to your prospects and determine the "right" financial aid award.

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webinar questions to ask

Six Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Predictive Analytics Solution

Are you confused by all of the predictive modeling options? Find out out what you should look for when evaluating a predictive analytics product.

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