What is your institution’s current approach to shaping its incoming freshman class?

Common questions on this subject that we often hear from institutions include:

  • Are there enough total applicants to meet our enrollment target?
  • Do we need to admit more students to increase our chances of securing more deposits?
  • What programs could help specific prospects transition through the funnel towards enrollment?

While comparing this year’s class against historical trends can be an adequate place to start, this method only accounts for quantity, not quality. And doing so may lead to setting and communicating inaccurate expectations and, as a result, experiencing undesirable surprises further down the funnel.

Discover a better way to influence the shape of your class

Join us for a live webinar where we will have Mike Seidel, Senior Data Analyst at the University of Pittsburgh, as our guest speaker.
During the presentation, Mike will discuss how he uses Othot’s advanced analytics platform to predict enrollment at each phase so that the University of Pittsburgh is able to:

  • Understand whether they have enough quality students at the applicant, admit, and deposit phases to hit their enrollment goals;
  • Predict the shape of the class in terms of enrollment, net tuition revenue, academic quality, diversity and other key targets; and
  • Perform What-if Analysis on waitlist evaluations, financial aid spending, and targeted visits or engagements to refine the shape of the class.