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We build strategic partnerships that are rooted in a shared vision to create holistic and best-in-class solutions for higher education. Combining our strengths in advanced analytics and data science with complementary services, we enable higher education leaders to meet enrollment, student success, and advancement goals.

RNL Partnership

In late 2020 Othot entered into a strategic partnership with RNL. By partnering with RNL, we’ve combined our individual strengths into a student success solution that supports the important decisions enrollment and retention managers make about their students.

Our leading advanced analytics platform transforms your data into actionable predictions specific to your institution. RNL’s retention consultants provide support and guidance throughout the engagement, offering specific data-guided prescriptions for your institution.

Together, we help institutions better understand their students to create policies, interventions, and strategies that increase retention and graduation rates.

Our joint solution has the following benefits:

  • An experienced retention consultant who uses an innovative AI platform to provide specific data-guided prescriptions for your institution
  • A executive dashboard showing progress toward institution goals
  • Specific insights for each individual student and aggregate information for groups of students
  • Individual student risk indicators to guide proactive actions
  • Dynamic satisfaction survey results for a deeper understanding of the student experience
  • Insights that guide institutional student success policies
  • Rapid time-to-value such that institutions realize their return on investment more quickly than traditional in-house analysis

This will result in better decision making to aid in the success of each individual student and improve retention, persistence, graduation rates for your institution.

Better Decision Making

To learn more, existing Othot partners should contact Zach Varga, and if you are not yet an Othot partner, please contact Vinnie Garuccio.

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