Futureproofing Your Institution Against the Demographic Cliff

Demographic Cliff

Join us to learn about new research from Othot, a leading provider of advanced analytics for higher ed, about how to futureproof your institution against the coming demographic cliff of college-aged individuals. Spoiler alert, futureproofing your institution is possible regardless of your institution’s geographic location.

This new research analyzed public data from more than 450 higher ed institutions (yours may be one of them) and has identified how the demographic cliff and geographic realities will influence recruitment and retention in the coming years.

All regions of the United States will be impacted; however, the population declines will be uneven, varying by states and institution type. What does this mean for your institution? Your recruiting and retention strategies are critical components of protecting your institution.

Othot’s Chief Partnership Officer, Andy Hannah, and Director of Research, Dr. Patty Beeson, will share their research and provide a unique look at demographic changes and the future of college enrollment.


What You’ll Learn

  • Differences in demographic impact between public and private institutions
  • Practical recruitment and retention strategies for futureproofing your institution
  • Approaches that appeal to Gen Z students who are accustomed to highly personalized experiences


About the Speakers

Andy Hannah

Chairman and Chief Partnership Officer, Othot
Hannah is an evangelist for the Othot platform, and how the use of AI and prescriptive analytics optimizes the relationship between institutions and their prospective, current, and former students. Andy is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Analytics and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration.

Patty Beeson

Director of Research, Othot
Provost and Professor of Economics, Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Beeson served as provost and senior vice chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh from 2010-18. During her term as provost, the University achieved new levels of quality and impact on almost every front. As Othot’s Director of Research, Beeson leads cross-organizational research projects that address key questions impacting higher education leaders.