Tapping into the Mind of a Provost

Tapping into the Mind of a Provost

Setting enrollment goals is a challenging task. You have to balance the wants and needs of many stakeholders, including your provost.

The provost seemingly wants it all—an increase in NTR, a 5-point jump in SAT scores, geographic diversity, and more—and wants to accomplish all of her goals with a flat or reduced budget.

How do you tell the Provost that she can’t have it all?

At our webinar, Dr. Patty Beeson, former Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), will talk about how data and analytics were instrumental to her goal-setting process. During her tenure as Provost, she worked closely with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid and achieved record growth in in undergraduate applications, academic credentials, geographic and ethnic diversity of enrolled students, and graduation and retention rates.

Dr. Beeson will share stories and examples from Pitt and offer guidance on how to layout a reasonable set of options for a provost to evaluate. Don’t miss this rare glimpse into the mind of a provost!


What You’ll Learn

  • How data and analytics can shape your strategic enrollment goals
  • How data and analytics can help a provost make decisions and evaluate trade-offs
  • How to address mid-cycle changes or disruptions to your goals


About the Speakers

Dr. Beeson is currently a professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh and served as provost and senior vice chancellor at Pitt from 2010-18. Her tenure as provost was marked by her innovative and ambitious academic vision for the University of Pittsburgh, and her focus on using data and analytics to help achieve the University’s goals.

As Othot’s Director of Research, Patty identifies and leads cross-organizational research projects. Her research addresses key questions that higher education leaders are focused on today. By combining Dr. Beeson’s higher education leadership experience and rich academic research background with Othot’s data science capabilities, she approaches her work in a disciplined, yet fresh and innovative way.