Chris Lucier

Chris Lucier

Chris is Director of Partner Relations at Othot.

The EM Perfect Storm… just got worse and became truly the Storm of the Century!

By Chris Lucier | March 17, 2020

In the 2000 movie, “The Perfect Storm,” based on the 1997 book of the same name and the true story of the Andrea Gail (1992), the crew of a fishing boat out of Gloucester, Massachusetts find themselves in the “storm of the century," a confluence of two powerful weather fronts [...]

How Advanced Analytics Can Help with Out-of-State Recruitment

By Chris Lucier | February 4, 2020

As schools seek to achieve their enrollment goals by identifying and recruiting students who are admissible, good fits for their institutions, and have the potential to persist, graduate and be successful, they are increasingly looking outside of their traditional feeder markets.

Best Practices: How to Manage Enrollment Goals in Five Steps

By Chris Lucier | September 19, 2019

Why do you need to have a standardized process to create enrollment goals? During my 12-year tenure as a chief enrollment officer, I experienced this situation time and time again --The President wants to increase diversity, net tuition revenue (NTR), and quality. The Provost [...]