MassArt and the Othot Platform

Custom Models for the Most Important Data Points

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) needed a predictive and prescriptive analytics solution that could meet its unique needs. With Othot’s Platform, MassArt can build models for each phase of the enrollment funnel, run “what if” scenarios that showed in real time the impact of an action, and access the full power of the Othot platform at any time.

    • Identify students who would be a best fit for MassArt and more efficiently leverage its limited budgets and the counselor’s time
    • Finding a predictive and prescriptive analytics solution that can be customized for the unique needs of MassArt
    • MassArt came within two percentage points of their enrollment goal; had a discount rate less than projected, and achieved one of the school’s best years ever for net tuition revenue.

Chris Wright

Dean of Admission and Enrollment
“Othot shows us each individual student we should be talking to; what we should be saying; and where we should be spending our marketing dollars.”