Texas Tech University

Advanced Analytics Support Enrollment Growth Goals

Texas Tech University (TTU) wanted to grow enrollment to 40,000 students, and they were using an analytics solution with limited capabilities. They knew to support the goal; they needed a more sophisticated solution. Enter Othot. Our predictive and prescriptive analytics solution, coupled with Othot’s superior customer support, helped TTU not only achieve their enrollment goal but exceed it.

    • — Grow enrollment from 28,000 to 40,000 students by 2020
    • — Sift through 300,000 inquiries to precisely target students that fit the academic profile goal
    • — Othot’s Advanced Analytics Platform
    • — Exceeded enrollment goal in 2020: 40,322 students
    • — Grew enrollment 9% in 3 years and increased student retention 2.6%

Rex Oliver

Associate Director of Recruitment
“With a funnel that starts with more than 300,000 students and with only 30 admissions counselors, we all have a role in meeting our enrollment goals. The Othot Platform has been extremely helpful to our entire team, including identifying what students to recruit and what it takes to recruit them.”