Fall 2020 Survival Kit

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the enrollment challenges created by the global pandemic.

Fall 2020 survival kit

Othot is here to help you!

Get the 2020 Survival Kit

The Fall 2020 Survival Kit will provide peace of mind.

Here’s a peek inside.

A One-to-One Demo of Essential

A One-to-One Demo of Essential

Find out how our Essential solution helps higher ed institutions better understand why students enroll and know if they will hit their enrollment goals by scheduling a demo.

Enrollment Trends Pulse Report

Enrollment Trends Pulse Report

A first of its kind summary of the state of 2020 enrollment milestones, the Enrollment Trends Pulse Report provides year over year comparisons of deposits and summer melt broken down by institution type for easy benchmarking.

aura mediation app

Aura Meditation App

A limited time promotional offer for the meditation app, Aura, to give administrators solace as they work through these unprecedented times.