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for Higher Education

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Your deposits are down from last year. Persistence from term one to term two is declining.

Even though you’ve increased financial aid awards and made investments in student retention initiatives, you are not seeing results, and you don’t know why.

Essential can help. With Essential, you know what is driving enrollment and persistence at your institution.

You gain a deeper understanding of your students, and with that level of knowledge, you can make more informed decisions about how to allocate your limited resources.

A regional partner institution achieved a
3% increase in fall
to spring persistence

during the pandemic

A public partner institution identified
hundreds of at-risk students,

enabling proactive engagement
tactics to increase retention

By admitting the best-fit students,
a public partner institution realized a

2.6% improvement
in retention

Decisions made using Othot's
advanced analytics have led to

NTR increases of more
than 10% of $5 million



See progress towards your goals and the predicted achievement of your goals and how new and evolving student data and the decisions you make impact those results


Compare current year results to last year to determine if you need to change your strategies or policies


Make informed decisions by understanding what is impacting your predicted enrollment or retention student by student


Know where and when to allocate your resources with dynamic likelihood scores, refreshed every time you provide new data from your CRM, SIS, or other systems

get insights fast

Implement Essential in less than 30 days with our efficient modeling and dynamic platform


Enjoy an affordable solution that doesn’t consume your entire pandemic-constrained budget, providing a quicker ROI than in-house analytics

"There is an immediate benefit of having a solution like Essential. We have specific enrollment goals related to in-state and out-of-state students. Essential will provide a level of understanding about our students and class as a whole. We can use that information to make strategic adjustments when engaging with students and ensure we meet our goals."

Dr. Chato Hazelbaker, Vice President of Enrollment Management & Marketing at Carroll College   

Target Your Actions and Allocate Your Resources
to Impact Enrollment and Retention

Get Fresh Data Insights with Targeted Actions in Less than 30 Days

Getting Started

Othot Essential is licensed separately for enrollment and student success.

Step 1

Institutions pull together the required data from their CRM, SIS, or other sources into a flat file. The file should contain two to three years of historical data.

Step 2

Othot will check the files for errors or issues. The validation process ensures your models were built using clean and accurate data.

Step 3

The models are built and validated, ensuring quality predictions.

Step 4

You and your team have access to your models. The Othot Help Center provides step-by-step guides to get started, and you will meet quarterly with a member of our Partner Success Team.

The process takes about 30 days, depending on data validation