ESSENTIAL | AI Platform for Enrollment Leaders

Better Understand What is Happening with Your Class and Make Smarter Decisions


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A Vital AI Tool for Higher Education

Essential is a budget-friendly, quick to implement, enrollment software for higher ed institutions that helps them better understand their students so they know why students enroll, and if they will reach their enrollment goals.


understand class

Understand what happened with your class to identify gaps or issues

Identify Issues

Know what is happening, every day, with your class to identify issues before they become problems

track goals

Understand the state of your class at any point during the enrollment cycle and if you are tracking to goals

explainable AI

Use data-driven insights to make decisions and allocate resources

get insights fast

Get insights about students fast without waiting on a consultant or investing the time and resources to build your own models

Quickly Discover Why Students Enroll at Your Institution

Data-driven Insights for Higher Education


Predicted Enrollment

Compare your current predicted enrollment to your historical enrollment to see if you’re ahead or behind last year.



Essential identifies the reasons why your students enroll and the impact the reasons have on your predicted enrollment.

likelhood scores

Individual Likelihood Scores

Essential assigns a dynamic Likelihood Score to each student that updates every time you provide new data.

Getting Started

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Step 2

Collect the necessary data and securely deliver to Othot

Step 3

Othot builds the models

Step 4

Login and discover insights about your students