New Higher Education Solution Integrates Predictive Analytics with a CRM for Enrollment Management and Student Success

New integration from Liaison International enables users of its TargetX CRM platform to access a suite of predictive and prescriptive analytics tools from Othot

December 8, 2021 · 
2 minute read

WATERTOWN, Mass. (December 8, 2021) — Liaison International , developer of technologies used by millions of students to apply to academic programs at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, today announced a new integration between two of its affiliates: Othot, developer of predictive and prescriptive analytics tools for higher education, and TargetX, which provides a CRM platform for student success and enrollment management. Institutions using the popular TargetX CRM will gain access to Othot’s powerful suite of analytics, predictive models, and data visualization tools designed to improve enrollment and student success and optimize financial aid packages for students.

“This is a complex and challenging time for higher education. Reliable predictive and prescriptive insights can chart the path to overcoming oft-hidden barriers that students face—barriers to degree completion and student success,” said Andy Hannah, President and Co-founder of Othot, a Liaison company. “The same tools used to guide and communicate with students during their journeys can provide us with rich, predictive insights to inform a more targeted approach to student outreach, support, and financial aid.”

Colleges and universities across the U.S. are grappling with two consecutive years of historic declines in enrollment and retention due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the largest single decrease in at least a generation and widening equity gaps. The combination of a unified CRM platform with predictive modeling capabilities will provide institutions with a greater degree of insight into the barriers to enrollment and completion facing prospective and current students, enabling institutions to address issues of affordability, equity, and completion.

The integration will enable higher education professionals to leverage predictive models around student enrollment, success, and completion based on data directly from the TargetX CRM. Institutions can now draw on data from the widely-used CRM to use Othot’s advanced analytics to forecast enrollment and a student’s likelihood of retention, helping to shape the class, inform DE&I efforts, and maximize the impact of financial aid strategies.

With the launch of this new integration, campus leaders will have a greater understanding of each individual student’s needs and will be able to:

  • build a more diverse and committed class of incoming students and
  • support high-impact student success initiatives that boost persistence for enrolled students

The integration is the latest example of Liaison’s Total Enrollment approach, which enables institutions to integrate historically-siloed products, applications, and workflow tools from other technology providers, alongside those developed by Liaison. The features and functionality from across the Liaison family of products provide campus leaders with a unique set of planning, analytics, outreach, and communication tools and services needed to help institutions navigate complex enrollment and retention challenges and tailor support for incoming and enrolled students.


About Othot: Othot is the leader in artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics solutions for higher education institutions across the United States. Othot focuses on each school’s specific enrollment, retention, student success, and alumni engagement goals. Othot’s cloud-based software provides continuous intelligence in real-time and empowers schools to engage each prospective, current, and former student with the right tactic at the right time. To learn more, visit

About TargetX: TargetX is a higher education CRM company that provides an enterprise-wide solution to help colleges manage relationships with their most important constituencies, including prospective students, current students, alumni, and potential donors. The company's Enterprise CRM is built on the powerful development platform of — the worldwide leader in customer relationship management and a pioneer in cloud computing. With its 15-year reputation for innovative technology and industry expertise, TargetX has become one of the most trusted CRM providers in higher education. To learn more, visit

About Liaison International: Through a powerful combination of technology and services, Liaison helps over 31,000 undergraduate, graduate, and post-bac programs across more than 1,500 campuses achieve their recruitment, admissions, enrollment, and student success goals. Liaison’s campaign management, enrollment, and recruitment tools include TargetX and the Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP) as well as its Centralized Application Service (CAS), SlideRoom, and Time2Track. To learn more, visit and find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.