Othot Introduces Prescriptive Analytics Solution Exclusively for Slate CRM Users

Othot + Slate CRM = Admission Success!

October 15, 2019 · 
1 minute read

October 15, 2019 (Pittsburgh, PA)—Othot, a market leader in predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions for higher education institutions, is pleased to announce a new product offering for Slate CRM that enables users to more strategically manage their enrollment cycles directly within the Slate interface.

This new prescriptive analytics solution combines Slate CRM data with Othot’s predictive and prescriptive analytics to enable users to personalize their marketing and recruitment efforts to target individual students and to change outcomes, without ever leaving the Slate environment.

“The Othot Platform has been helping Slate CRM users for several years now, and our new Slate-specific prescriptive solution will enhance how the Platform’s insights are delivered,” said Andy Hannah, CEO of Othot. “As a member of Slate’s Preferred Partnership Program, we have a deeper understanding of the Slate CRM functionality and processes. That access serves as a catalyst for Othot to create solutions that are powerful, easy-to-use, and integrated into Slate.”

The prescriptive analytics solution centralizes, in one place, all of the information that higher education institutions need to make decisions, take action, and support their overall goals.

Key Benefits for Slate CRM users:

  • Access Othot insights directly in the Slate CRM interface
  • Unlock the full potential of Slate CRM data, including Ping!
  • Understand how to convert students at different stages of the enrollment funnel with Othot’s prescriptions
  • Track and view your enrollment funnel in real-time

“This prescriptive analytics solution is an exciting first step in the evolution of our Slate Partnership. I’m thrilled about how we are collaborating and innovating to bring solutions to higher education institutions that have a significant positive impact on their admissions goals,” said Hannah.

For more information about Othot’s new prescriptive analytics solution for Slate, please contact us at othotteam@othot.com.


About Othot

Othot is a higher education software company that provides predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions for private and public colleges and universities across the country. The Othot support team focuses on each school’s specific enrollment and retention goals. Othot’s AI-powered and cloud-based software provides continuous intelligence in real time, enabling schools to engage each student with the right tactic at the right time.