Othot’s AI-powered student success solution empowers colleges and universities to improve retention, persistence, and graduation rates

March 2, 2020 · 
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March 2, 2020 (Pittsburgh, PA)—Othot, Inc., the leader in artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics for higher education, has launched a student success solution.

“As higher education enrollments decline, student retention, persistence, and graduation rates are increasingly important,” said Fred Weiss, CEO at Othot. “Institutions are shifting resources and looking for innovative ways to solve these challenges. The AI-powered Othot Platform is that new way. It reveals which individual students are at risk for dropping out, the reasons why, and recommends actions to retain them."

Othot’s Platform is different than other solutions on the market because of the technology and AI deployed in the Platform. Othot’s models, using complex institutional data sets and external data, can distill hundreds of variables into the top impacts for retention and persistence at the individual student level and campus-wide. The impacts are often behavioral variables that are overlooked by solutions that use less sophisticated technology like linear regression.

Armed with true impacts, senior leaders, administrators, and advisors can use Othot’s prescriptive analytics to run "what-if" scenarios, and increase "likelihood to persist" scores. They can then make decisions about individual student interventions and institutional policies that will keep more students engaged on campus and change outcomes. Othot also makes it possible to look at retention and graduation issues for particular campuses or programs.

“Othot is proud to have several schools that are already implementing the student success solution,” said Andy Hannah, Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer. “Those schools are leaders in unlocking the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to impact and inform their retention and persistence strategies and tactics.”

For more information or to schedule a demo of the Othot Platform, please contact us at othotteam@othot.com or visit our website at www.othot.com.


About Othot:
Othot is the leader in artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics solutions for higher education institutions across the United States. Together, Othot and its partner schools focus on each institution’s specific enrollment, student success, and advancement goals. Othot’s cloud-based solution provides continuous intelligence in real time and empowers schools to engage each prospective, current, and former student with the right tactic at the right time. Othot is higher intelligence for higher education.