Essential Product Launch

Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 2:00pm ET
Fred weiss

Fred Weiss

CEO & President

Bob DiMaggio

Bob DiMaggio

Vice President of Product

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

Product Operations Manager

Before March 2020, higher education institutions faced the perfect enrollment storm, the confluence of three factors: shifts in demographics, affordability and value, and student behavior. Now, add NACAC’s changes to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and the COVID-19 global pandemic, and you have an environment with a lot of uncertainty and unknowns for higher ed.

Enrollment offices are still expected to maintain or grow enrollment but are unsure how to do so with budgets being held flat or slashed.

If institutions want to ‘win’ under these circumstances, they will need to know what motivates each student and what is required to get them to enroll at their institutions.

That’s why we created Essential.

Our Essential solution helps higher ed institutions better understand why students enroll and know if they will hit their enrollment goals.

Join us for this webinar to get the first look at Othot’s latest budget-friendly product offering, which will include a 10-minute demo.

By the end of the webinar, you will know how Essential helps you:

  • Anticipate what might happen, so you can focus your marketing, recruiting, and financial resources on students that need enrollment support.
  • Get insights about students fast without waiting on a consultant or investing the time and resources to build your models
  • Make easy decisions on how to optimize your enrollment with a price point within your budget authority.