Transform how you make decisions

Our cloud-based platform dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of predictive analytics

Higher Education

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Othot is a cloud-based software company that merges data science with advanced analytics to provide you the tools so you can gain valuable insights from your data.

Our predictive engines offer flexibility to evaluate multiple scenarios, analyze their impact, and determine the best plan of action.

The result is meaningful output that’s instantly ready to use in your decision making.

Understand your customer. Identify opportunities. Overcome challenges.


Integrate external data sources
for a more complete understanding of your customer

Predictive Analytics target

Target the right prospects at the right time,
through the right channels, so you optimize your resources

Predictive Analytics graphing

Devise strategic solutions
to gain a competitive advantage and drive your school or business forward


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We enable organizations to
Predict, understand & shape the future

Instantly gain insights that you can’t find using traditional methods. Integrate a variety of data sources and discover actionable knowledge so you can start using predictive and prescriptive analytics immediately.