Focus on the

Know who to target by using data to drill down to details at an individual level


Get Immediate Predictions

Get real-time, dynamic predictions for the likelihood an individual will take action


Use Prescriptive Modeling

See which action will have the greatest impact on an individual’s behavior

save money

Save Money
and Time

Our affordable, cloud-based software shows you where to focus your resources

Use Data and Advanced Analytics Across the Student Lifecycle

Our cloud-based predictive analytics software solution uses artificial intelligence to deliver insights to help you make decisions across the student lifecycle. Through simple interactions, our software shows you who is most likely to enroll and to persist and where to focus your resources for the greatest impact. You can do more with less time and resources.

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Solutions for Higher Education


Meet Your Enrollment Goals

Our dynamic advanced analytics software shows you which students are most likely to enroll, and the most effective way to increase the likelihood.

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Support the Right Student at the Right Time

Our solution begins the day you enroll your next class. You’ll know which students are at risk and what steps you should take to increase their engagement.

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Improve Post-Graduate Outcomes

Othot’s advanced analytics platform shows an individual student’s likelihood to achieve post-graduate outcomes and how you can support him along his journey.

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Engage Alumni and Increase Donations

Othot helps higher education institutions improve alumni engagement and giving strategies. You will know which alumni are most likely to engage and donate.

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Slate Preferred Partner Program

Insights from Othot are automatically delivered to the Slate interface, making it easier for enrollment management professionals to engage students at the right time with the right tactic.

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