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Transform how you make decisions

Predictive analytics software solutions to increase enrollment, retention and more

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Predictive Analytics Company

Make it easy to target and enroll the best-fit students

You can do more with limited time and resources.

Our dynamic analytics software shows you which students are most likely to enroll, and the most effective way to increase the likelihood. See which of your prospects, applicants, and accepted students you should target and with what type of marketing campaign.  Get the tools you need to allocate your financial aid dollars more strategically and meet your enrollment goals.


Othot takes predictive analytics to the next level

Real-time answers, ready to use in your decision making.

Our affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based solution provides instant answers to your most important business questions. Othot’s predictive engines offer flexibility to evaluate multiple scenarios, analyze their impact and determine the best plan of action. Our user-friendly software shows you who to target and where to focus your marketing resources for the greatest return.


Pitt will use Othot to shape the Freshman class


There’s plenty of predictive modeling out there: you get a score, but what
can you do with it? Othot gives our team actionable choices at the street-level.”

Marc Harding, Chief Enrollment Officer, University of Pittsburgh

Create Festival

Interactive Design – 2017 Winner

Othot’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboard was designed to take the complexity out of predictive analytics – and CREATE celebrates projects that exhibit innovation and creativity. Othot is proud to win their 2017 People’s Choice and Panelists’ Choice for Excellence in Interactive Design.

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See why Othot is different

There are lots of solutions on the market that help recruiting, enrollment and financial aid departments run more efficiently. Othot has a unique set of tools that offer powerful advantages over alternative solutions. Contact us for a free demo and see why we’re different.

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