Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)

For MassArt, a typical predictive analytics solution wouldn't work because of the school's specialized, niche curriculum. With Othot, MassArt has the models it needs to identify best-fit students and more efficiently leverage its limited budgets.

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New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT had used analytics to inform enrollment decisions, but their homegrown models were limited. Othot's sophisticated modeling helped NJIT more effectively allocate financial aid while maintaining academic quality and diversity of its incoming class.

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Texas Tech University

When TTU’s 2016 enrollment fell short of its goals, their Associate VP for Enrollment Management turned to Othot for leverage to enhance future results, especially at the back end of the 18-24 month cycle.

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Rhodes College

Rhodes had tried third-party predictive analytics solutions, but found them lacking either in accuracy or in their ability to address issues specific to schools like theirs. They recognized Othot’s approach to be different.

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University of Pittsburgh

Like many institutions in today’s competitive market, Pitt is always looking for solutions to enroll the best possible class while making optimal use of its marketing and budgetary resources. Othot will help them do both.

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