Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan

Jeff is Product Operations Manager at Othot.

An Analytics Perspective on AACRAO’s Guidance for Changes in Transfer Student Admissions Policies Impacted by COVID-19

By Jeff Morgan | April 14, 2020

On April 1st, the American Association of College Registrars and Officers (AACRAO) released its Guidance on Admissions from Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Impacted Terms. This resource makes several suggestions for postsecondary institutions to consider, considering the unusual [...]

New Product Release Feature Matrix (and How it Helps with Financial Aid)

By Jeff Morgan | January 30, 2019

By this point in the enrollment cycle your financial aid budget is set. With appeals season looming, you may be asking yourself, “What could I have done better to prevent appeals?” Simply put, did your initial strategy meet the needs of this incoming freshman class? Evaluating [...]

Othot Product Advisory Board

By Jeff Morgan | August 14, 2018

Othot is excited to announce that our first-ever Product Advisory Board has been assembled! The board consists of six highly experienced individuals selected from a diverse group of some of our most active customer institutions. As a result of the discussions and feedback that [...]

Projecting Enrollment Throughout the Student Lifecycle

By Jeff Morgan | March 6, 2018

Let’s imagine that we’re about halfway through our enrollment process. Now, think about some of the questions we may be asking ourselves: Are there enough total applicants to meet our enrollment target? Do we need to admit more students to increase our chances of securing more [...]