Othot Product Advisory Board

Othot is excited to announce that our first-ever Product Advisory Board has been assembled! The board consists of six highly experienced individuals selected from a diverse group of some of our most active customer institutions. As a result of the discussions and feedback that this group will provide, we are confident that the Othot platform will not only continue to be the most sophisticated enrollment analytics platform on the market, but also the most customer-centric.

With the first meeting having already occurred earlier this month, we’ve already begun to see the outcomes that we’d hoped for by organizing this group. The indispensable industry expertise that our board members possess has served two primary objectives in relation to the continuous improvement of the Othot platform:

  1. Market validation for new product enhancements
  2. Real-world feedback based on product usage

These purposes are even more vital whenever you consider the stakes at hand when it comes to how decisions are made in all aspects of the enrollment management process. After we asked our board members what some of their current biggest challenges are, a common theme was that they often don’t have enough time to react while making critical decisions. Each member agreed that knowing potential outcomes earlier in the cohort year would enable them to better strategize and control financial aid spending, eliminate unnecessary marketing costs, and increase enrollment while also optimizing net tuition revenue.

The group was then able to help us realize which features within the platform are already helping to address their major challenges and what our next steps could be to take the product to the next level. For example, several members mentioned that the use of Othot’s Sensitivity Analysis feature enabled them to offer the optimal amount of institutional aid to each individual student in order to maximize the expected enrollment of the overall population. And while that capability is already revolutionary within the space of enrollment analytics, we’ve established further enhancements, with the guidance of our new Product Advisory Board, that will enable all of our customers to make these strategic decisions sooner and be less reactionary. We’ll have much more to announce on that subject soon!

Customer feedback is absolutely vital to the success of Othot. Although a group has now been selected to represent and advocate for all of our customers through the Product Advisory Board, our Customer Success team actively engages with and solicits feedback from each and every involved individual at our partner institutions. This approach has led to the development of some of the most important features already available in our platform and is what makes us so excited to have a Board in place to continue and expand on our active dialogue with our customers.

For more information about our Product Advisory Board or current roadmap, contact us at othotteam@othot.com.