Customers Achieve Value Using Othot’s Advanced Analytics Platform

In previous Customer Success posts, I’ve talked about our proven process to deliver value to our customer and how we can expedite time to value. However, I haven’t thoroughly discussed what “value” our customers are realizing. Given the time of year, especially as your enrollment cycle nears its end, I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss some of the tangible results Othot’s customers are achieving from the platform. Theses stories may help you think about how your school can leverage Othot’s advanced analytics platform for your upcoming enrollment year.

During the past year, Othot has taken a methodical approach to:

  1. Surface meaningful insights for its customers,
  2. Identify ways to change behavior and strategy to gain value,
  3. Measure and deliver the outcomes for our customers, and
  4. Determine the next challenge to drive continuous improvement.

Using this methodology, we’ve delivered value to our customers by providing leading indicators that prompt them to make improvements throughout the year and ultimately through final enrollment results. The following success stories are just the tip of the iceberg of the value we are providing to our customers.

  • We’ve heard that many schools are looking to grow out-of-state enrollment. As a way to solve for this challenge, Othot developed models for specific target markets to help one institution achieve out-of-state enrollment growth. Within the first year of adoption, the institution is already seeing growth around 10% of its admitted population and 20% of its deposited population year-to-date.
  • As Othot continues to expand its customer base, it has the ability to identify commonalities across successful activities and even recommend best practices. We’re using this growing knowledge to help institutions improve their marketing and visitation strategies. One institution was able to improve efficiencies around marketing outreach to achieve their applicant goals earlier in the enrollment lifecycle. Othot’s models showed another institution that campus engagement had a high impact on likelihood to enroll, so the school shifted its approach to incentivize campus visits. Since then, campus visits have increased each of the past two years, which has led to improvements in enrollment goals.
  • Finally, the market has made it clear: there needs to be a better approach to evaluate and allocate financial aid. Othot's newest feature "Sensitivity", is the answer. Our customers are using the Sensitivity function to identify aid impact at individual student levels and still managing overall strategy through custom financial aid matrices. One institution gained positive results by informing their financial aid spend using Othot’s models. Even with significant enrollment growth targets, the school is on track to meet enrollment goals while optimizing spend for merit awards and additional institutional awards.

Additional details on these customer stories and other examples of how customers are gaining value from Othot’s platform are available in the customer section of our website.

Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more customer stories over the next few weeks as part of our “Customer Impact Series.” The series will culminate in a webinar, which you can view on-demand.

As always, if you would like to start gaining value for yourself and your institution, please reach out to me at