Data Science Fuels Our Pursuit of Intellectual Curiosity

Someone recently asked me what feature I look for in candidates for positions at Othot.  There are standards that we look for – professional experience, educational background, cultural fit, etc.  However, I believe that there is a combination of two features that are often indicators of high performance – intellectual curiosity and a drive to get things done.  Intellectual curiosity is a fundamental need to understand root cause, a need to answer the "why question".  "Why" leads us to the meaning behind numbers and the analyses.  “Why” keeps us up at night.  Great scientists are driven by this intellectual curiosity.  However, it’s the “keep us up at night” factor that can lead to slow action and uncertainty in reaching milestones.  It’s the combination of a need to deliver results and intellectual curiosity that produces great value to a commercial enterprise.

Not coincidentally, Othot's approach to products and business mirrors this combination of intellectual curiosity and a drive to deliver results.  Intellectual curiosity fuels our product design.  Predictive analytics allows us to peer into the future and ask what will happen next.  However, that’s not enough for us – we also deliver the answer to the question, why will that happen?  Further, prescriptive analytics allows us to answer the question of how can we change this outcome?  Can we change this outcome and why or why not?  Othot delivers meaningful results delivered in an actionable format allow our customers to drive their business strategy and results on the basis of data science – to be more data driven.

By Andy Hannah | June 29, 2016