What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement? [video]

What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement?

That was the topic of Othot President & CEO, Fred Weiss’s talk at CASE DRIVE/Cast. During DRIVE/Cast, Fred showed how predictive and prescriptive analytics provide insights to help advancement leaders make data-informed decisions.

Othot is piloting SaaS-based artificial intelligence for advancement, and DRIVE/Cast attendees got the first peak.

Watch the 20-minute video below to learn more.


Here’s a synopsis of what Fred spoke about:

To create a solution for advancement, Othot used CASE’s Alumni Engagement Metrics as a framework to think about how to provide advancement leaders with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

CASE’s four modes include Philanthropic, Volunteerism, Experiential, and Communication. Othot separated dues-paying Alumni Association engagement as a fifth because of its uniqueness to a number of institutions.

The proof of concept focused on philanthropic, specifically related to the annual fund.

Othot partnered with a large public institution and used data collected from multiple sources about two cohorts: three-year lapsed donors and non-donors (defined as donors who have not given in the past three years and did prior to that, as well as those who had never given, and recent donors (defined as donors who have given any amount in at least one of the prior three years).

The data was ingested into Othot’s models and from those insights, the Platform identified the top importances that influenced likelihood to give for the two cohorts. Not only did the Platform reveal top importances for each cohort, but also for each individual donor.

What were those specific importances and what else can Othot’s AI platform do? Watch the video above to find out!

If you have any questions about the presentation or would like to learn more about our advancement solution, please contact us at othotteam@othot.com.