Product Sneak Peek: Dashboards and Rewind

In a couple of weeks, Othot will release its first software enhancements for 2018. We’ve included a number of new developments to help expand a higher education institution’s ability to assess its current cohort status and make tactical and strategic decisions to improve enrollment outcomes. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into two of the enhancements that we are really excited about: Dashboards and Rewind.


We know that looking at large sets of data and results can be overwhelming; we are doing it on a daily basis. To help make it easier and still allow for high-level insights, we’re creating Dashboards in the Othot platform. With Dashboards, users will be able to take all of their great insights and put them onto a single page along with useful visualizations.

We created Dashboards to make it easy for an institution to see and understand its current status. Out of the box, users will be provided with a default Dashboard containing some predesigned charts. Users will have the ability to copy, modify, create and share Dashboards with other team members. They can also create custom charts with metrics and insights, all displayed in a way that aligns with their individual objectives.

After logging into the platform, users will see their preferred, customized Dashboard configuration. This new feature will be available to every customer and included in all subscriptions.


Othot’s clients are already using the platform to strategically award financial aid and plan marketing campaigns, but we understand it can also be helpful to understand what’s happened in the past. That is why we are developing an enhancement called Rewind. Rewind lets users to go back in time to answer questions like:

  • Could we have done things better?
    • Did we allocate our marketing budget effectively?
    • Were our financial aid resources optimally disbursed?
    • Could we have reduced our average net discount rate?
  • What were missed opportunities?
  • How could we have achieved a goal that we missed?
  • Will it be possible for our institution to achieve next year’s goals?

Rewind will allow users to take data from current or prior cohort years that have been loaded into the platform and revert all individual student records back into a particular lifecycle phase. For example, by reverting all of the current 2018 cohort back to Admitted Students, Othot’s Sensitivity functionality could produce a matrix that predicts how many enrollees could have been expected at various levels of financial aid. Analyzing that matrix would be an extremely valuable way to use advanced analytics to inform an institution’s 2019 financial aid strategy.

If the same institution had 2017 data uploaded into the platform, the process could be repeated to identify historical trends in predicted outcomes and define a consistent strategy year over year. Additionally, this same methodology could be used to help prevent “summer melt” by analyzing past marketing activities related to prospects and applicants.

With the release of Dashboards and Rewind, the Othot team is excited to provide expanded capabilities to our current and future clients. These new features provide value that spans across a higher education institution’s entire enrollment and retention consortium, covering both high-level visual summaries and deep dives into complex analyses.

Rest assured, Dashboard and Rewind are not the only enhancements we’re making to the Othot platform. Our teams are committed to continuous improvement, innovation and implementing features and capabilities that will help our customers derive value from their data and advanced analytics.

For more information about Dashboards and Rewind, contact us at