How "Accurate" is Accuracy?

By Ashton Black | December 27, 2015

A classification model works to identify to which of a group of categories a record belongs. Binary classification is a type of classification model, operating to identify which of two classes a record belongs to (frequently a yes/no classification). The model is built using [...]

Data Collection Through Gamification

By Alexis Tshudy | November 22, 2015

We’ve all heard about the wonders of big data and the valuable insights that utilizing big data can bring. But what isn’t always clear is where all of this “big data” is coming from. Some companies are scraping the web for any piece of data they can find about their current or [...]

Take a Clear Path to Value-Added, Advanced Analytics

By Andy Hannah | November 14, 2015

Over the past couple of years I have spent the majority of my time teaching, consulting and building a business in advanced analytics. I continue to be amazed at the undiscovered (or unrealized) opportunities that exist to implement advanced analytics programs that will result [...]

Predicting the Effect of Interventions: Bayesian Networks to the Rescue!

By Mark Voortman | October 25, 2015

Previously I have written about the Bayesian approach1 and caveats in data science.2 In both of these Original Thoughts™ I referred to Bayesian networks (BNs)3, and this will be the topic for today. Now, I'm sure that all of you know that a Bayesian network is just a joint [...]

I've Got My Data, Now Where Do I Get My Science?

By Mark Voortman | June 16, 2015

The short answer: At Othot. The long answer: Well, you better buckle up because the science part turns out to be a tricky business. Let's look at a few well-studied examples. It is a known fact that when ice cream consumption increases, the number of drownings increases as well. [...]

Goodbye P-Values, Hello Bayesian Statistics!

By Coen Stevens | May 17, 2015

In statistics there is the old and ongoing debate of Frequentism versus Bayesianism, which has been humorously depicted in the following popular XKCD cartoon1: In this cartoon we see the Frequentist statistician believing that the odds (p-value) of the neutrino detector lying [...]

Practicing to Win

By Ashton Black | May 10, 2015

I ran track in college, specifically pole vault was my game – and the 4x4 relay when coach wanted to punish me for something. As you could assume, my training was very different than that of a thrower or distance runner, but we all shared common goals: to jump higher, throw [...]

The Search for the Working Magic 8 Ball

By John Abbatico | April 27, 2015

Just about every company in existence looks to reporting to run their business. Many of them spend millions each year to try and improve their reporting systems. The way I look at it there are two reasons companies look to reporting. One is to audit the past. This type of [...]
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