Andy Hannah

Andy Hannah

Andy is Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Partnership Officer at Othot.

The Importance of Data-Driven Decisions in Higher Ed

By Andy Hannah | October 30, 2020

Data-driven decision making is getting a lot of attention in higher ed, so much so that three higher ed professional organizations, the Association for Institutional Research, Educause, and NACAC, issued a joint statement, “ Analytics Can Save Higher Education. Really.” The [...]

AI Will Change Your Transfer Student Strategy

By Andy Hannah | July 16, 2020

Transfer Students and a Holistic Strategic Enrollment Strategy A week doesn’t go by that I don’t have a substantive conversation with a partner or colleague about transfer students. The topics on the subject vary from: Increasing undergraduate (UG) enrollment by increasing the [...]

NACAC Code of Ethics Changes: Thinking About “Melt” During a Pittsburgh Winter

By Andy Hannah | March 4, 2020

In Pittsburgh, and I am sure in other parts of the Northeast, our road crews actually “paint” the roads with salt to prepare for the snow. Because the salt melts the snow, this preparation prevents accidents and reduces delays in commutes. In a similar way, we need to prepare [...]

What is the Most Dynamic and (un)Predictable Industry in America?

By Andy Hannah | December 18, 2019

Accurate predictions in stable industries are relatively easy. In Pittsburgh, home of Heinz, I bet we can predict the sale of ketchup “bottles” with high accuracy. The demand of Ketchup, like the demand of hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries remains relatively stable, i.e., [...]

What Does it Mean to be a Data-Driven Organization?

By Andy Hannah | November 14, 2017

There is a famous quote by W. Edwards Deming that goes something like this, “In God we trust, everybody else bring data.” Deming was an American engineer that is often credited as a leading force for the post-World War II Japanese economic recovery. He believed in total quality [...]

I Love The Smell Of Fresh Carpet In The Morning…

By Andy Hannah | September 30, 2016

There is nothing better than attending an industry conference to feel the pulse of the market. It is one of the few times that you can meet hundreds of your potential customers and talk to them about their needs, pains, and hopes. This is the true value of an industry conference [...]

Data Science Fuels Our Pursuit of Intellectual Curiosity

By Andy Hannah | June 29, 2016

Someone recently asked me what feature I look for in candidates for positions at Othot.  There are standards that we look for – professional experience, educational background, cultural fit, etc.  However, I believe that there is a combination of two features that are often [...]

Granularity Drives Intelligent Data

By Andy Hannah | March 26, 2016

I am compelled by recent great work by our team at Othot to write about the potential significant impact of feature engineering and granularity.  Recently, we have been exploring and understanding the impact of breaking down the features we use in our predictive models into more [...]
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