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Othot Team

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What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement? [video]

By Othot Team | July 10, 2020

What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement? That was the topic of Othot President & CEO, Fred Weiss’s talk at CASE DRIVE/Cast. During DRIVE/Cast, Fred showed how predictive and prescriptive analytics provide insights to help advancement leaders make data-informed [...]

Partner Questions: COVID-19 and the Othot Platform

By Othot Team | April 13, 2020

These are questions that we’ve gathered from our partners about data collection, models, and predictions in the COVID-19 environment. If you would like to discuss any questions in this document, please contact a member of the Partner Success Team at othotteam@othot.com. 1. How [...]

How are Universities Predicting Student Outcomes with Better Analytics?

By Othot Team | October 31, 2019

That was the theme of this year’s Advanced Analytics Summit sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh and Othot, Inc. The presenters highlighted the cutting-edge work being conducted at their institutions and raised some important issues. The goal was to provide opportunities [...]