The Importance of Data-Driven Decisions in Higher Ed

By Andy Hannah | October 30, 2020

Data-driven decision making is getting a lot of attention in higher ed, so much so that three higher ed professional organizations, the Association for Institutional Research, Educause, and NACAC, issued a joint statement, “ Analytics Can Save Higher Education. Really.” The [...]

Test-Optional: Who Needs Test Scores?

By Zach Varga | October 14, 2020

Test-optional admissions is not a new discussion in higher ed. According to FairTest, the list of colleges going test-optional for admissions is growing. Higher ed institutions have cited several reasons why they do and don’t use test scores for admissions and merit aid [...]

Data Security: A “People Problem”

By Johnny Chen | August 17, 2020

With the recent introduction of the European Cloud Initiative in the EU and squabbles around TikTok and WeChat in the U.S., data security has come under the spotlight of public interest. Due to the emphasis on data storage location and privacy in these events, it is natural to [...]

AI Will Change Your Transfer Student Strategy

By Andy Hannah | July 16, 2020

Transfer Students and a Holistic Strategic Enrollment Strategy A week doesn’t go by that I don’t have a substantive conversation with a partner or colleague about transfer students. The topics on the subject vary from: Increasing undergraduate (UG) enrollment by increasing the [...]

What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement? [video]

By Othot Team | July 10, 2020

What role does Othot’s AI Platform have in Advancement? That was the topic of Othot President & CEO, Fred Weiss’s talk at CASE DRIVE/Cast. During DRIVE/Cast, Fred showed how predictive and prescriptive analytics provide insights to help advancement leaders make data-informed [...]

How AI Can Help Understand Bias

By Mark Voortman | July 7, 2020

What is Bias? Bias is a multifaceted concept and to have an honest discussion, we first need to establish what we mean by bias. If you look up bias on Wikipedia, you will find several related meanings.sup>1 Here is the opening paragraph of the article: “Bias is [...]

Delayed Results: The June 1 Enrollment Outlook

By Othot Partner Success Team | June 17, 2020

Another month has passed since we shared a post about May 1 enrollment trends among our higher ed partner institutions. Because of COVID-19, some schools officially shifted their admissions “Decision Day” to June 1 and others unofficially continued to accept deposits after May [...]

Why Predictive Modeling in Higher Ed is a Must-Have

By John Abbatico | May 28, 2020

For higher education institutions, the concepts of predictive modeling informed by machine learning do not differ much from human learning. Data is fed to computer algorithms and these algorithms look for data patterns that can be attributed to a specific outcome. This is [...]
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